About Me

Welcome to Soul On Fire. I am Elizabeth Boyer, an Emotional Empowerment Coach, clinician in training and yoga teacher. I call myself a mind, body and soul warrior because I believe that proper care of the mind, body and soul work intricately together to create greater mental wellness, passion for life and higher purpose. Below is a little bit more about my formal education and training.

Formal Education

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Policy Administration (BSPPA) with an Emphasis in Public Law from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  She is also a clinician in training at Amberton University in Texas. She is currently earning her masters degree in Professional Counseling and will seek full licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2022.

Life Coach Training & Positive Psychology Training

Elizabeth has completed several certificate programs including a Positive Psychology Specialization through the University of Pennsylvania's Coursera certificate program .  In June 2020, Elizabeth became a Certified Life Coach through the JRNI Coaching Intensive Program. JRNI Coaching is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, (ICF). Mental Wellness Training

Besides her graduate school coursework, Elizabeth has also completed a Trauma-Informed Care Training through the Texas Department of Family Services as well as Mental Health First Aid Training, (MHFA) with the American Red Cross.

Elizabeth holds the following certificates from the Yoga & Ayurveda Center:

Elizabeth believes that yoga, meditation, and breathwork are powerful somatic healing tools. Our bodies and nervous system can store trauma and other negative experiences. Through somatic movement and the breath we can unify the mind and body connection in ways that promote positive growth in our healing process. 
Personal Interest:
In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys hot yoga, paddle boarding, antique shopping, interior design and spending time with her son. She is also interested in breathwork and meditation.

Her favorite places to visit are the beaches on Hwy 30A along the Florida Panhandle. Elizabeth's number one character trait is a Love of Learning. She is pretty geeky these days and loves to read psychology books and listen to podcasts about her craft.

As an emotional empowerment coach, Elizabeth can help you...
Understand the true nature and transformational power of your emotions,
Help shift you from a stuck state to a state of seeing choices.
Build your emotional state and motivation back and increase your personal power. 
And…Begin the journey to rediscover the person you were truly born to be.