3 Tips to Find Emotional Balance:

3 Tips to Find Emotional Balance

When emotions aren’t understood or expressed for what they truly are, it can lead us to confusion. It can be hard to live in harmony with our emotions. Here are three tips that can help you find more emotional balance. 

#1: Identify Your Emotions


Emotion is always activated in the body; it is a physical reaction (and not cognitive). When a repressed emotion wants to emerge, it can appear as a physical sensation, contraction, discomfort in the body. You can tame the emotion by locating the pain. Where in the body, is it happening? What is the sensation inside? What does this sensation tell me? By keeping a conscious of this place of the body, you open the door to it, and you allow it to manifest itself. And if it is welcomed and lived fully, it doesn’t last, it passes, because you are not activating the mind and the negative feelings that are associated with overthinking the emotion. 

#2: Get To Know Your Triggers & Observe Them

A situation, a word, or a gesture can easily make you react when it’s triggering a memory of a similar situation. Our past fuels our emotional reaction with feelings and emotions that we could not express at the time, especially in our childhood. We are a bit like time bombs, and it only takes a word from our partner or parent for us to explode. The negative emotion that arises is not directly related to the present. The situation acts as a trigger that reactivates our past. It is essential to OBSERVE emotions when something similar happens; that way, you can make the unconscious reaction more conscious and chose to operate in a different way when you realize it’s from the past. 

#3: Tame Your Dragon 

The moment you access your true emotions, you come out of the grip of a yucky feeling. A useful way to get out of emotional reactivity is to separate physically from the other the situation or the person. It is not about leaving to flee or punish the other, but because you need to take care of yourself and welcome, recognize, and tame the emotion. Stop feeding the conflict and share with the other person what you are experiencing.