Rebirth by Fire: New Beginnings Are Often Time Disguised As Painful Endings

Rebirth by Fire: 

 New Beginnings Are Often Time Disguised As Painful Endings

There are times during life when everything we know, and trust can get disrupted. It could be from a death of a loved one, betrayal of a lover, loss of a friend, financial upheaval, health name it. It can change everything.  Like that one-mile wide tornado that wiped homes clean from their foundations in the town of Joplin, MO a few years ago.  What a total devastation.  

That’s how it might feel to you.  Maybe everything you trusted or loved gets taken from you and it feels like your insides were torn out? What happens next?  Well, sometimes we go into survival mode. We fight. We flight. We shutdown. We get stuck. We ruminate. We get angry. This cycles is vicious.  

In my field (mental health and wellness) we see and hear a lot that most people do not discuss publicly.  We as coaches and practitioners get to see the inner workings of lives, families, relationships, mental illness, addictions, abuse and neglect. We also get to see the aftermath of destruction that most people hide away due to shame and fear. If you have experienced these things. You are not alone.  Most people just don’t speak of it.

There is no one answer to healing painful experiences and grieving takes time.  So today, take a moment, five minutes, a half-hour, or an entire day and create something new. Give yourself a chance to create a moment of joy and love. For you and no-one else.  

There is so much beauty in this life. We must seek it. Create it. Sometimes we must do this when the darkness tries to grab and pull us under again.

If you feel like your being pulled or if you feel you are being broken, take some time to heal.  Get therapy to help with that. Once you’re ready to move forward—let’s book a coaching session to catapult you into the future.  

No matter what please keep going and relentlessly continue to create and manifest the fuck out of the life you want. 

There is more to healing than just “thinking” about it. We must take action, be intentional and DO the hard shit that we avoid facing.  

I have honestly done these things myself and it’s why I am so passionate about helping others. So much so, that have dedicated my life to it.

I promise though, you are worth it. You are supported. You are celebrated.  You are resilient.