Don't just dream. Shift your perspective.

Don't just dream. Shift your perspective.  

Instead of focusing on what you wish you had--start by appreciating what you have in your life already - maybe that is your family, friends, job or your health.

Often people waste precious time thinking about what they don't have. They start to believe their lives will improve if only they had more money, or more friends, or more things. They think about what's lacking instead of the abundance that is already overflowing into their life.

If you appreciate what you have, you'll be inspired to take the necessary actions to bring more of what you want into your life.

Now at first, this may sound rather counterproductive, but living happily with what you have doesn't mean you're completely satisfied and fulfilled. It simply means that you appreciate all the good parts of your life, and you recognize that you can take those things you have, even if they are few, and build upon them. 

If you can be happy with what you have now, you'll have a deeper appreciation for the better circumstances that are coming to you in your future.

Positive thinking brings abundance! Keep a positive and optimistic attitude towards your future. This will help you get to a necessary tipping point. (Read more about tipping points here). Your positive attitude can and will attract success. 

Be Grateful. Sometimes we can take things for granted and forget to give thanks for all that is good. If you're having a tough time recognizing the goodness in your life, then make a gratitude list and continue adding to it everyday.

Manifesting begins from within. But first...shift your perspective.


Reflection & Journal Questions:

1. In what ways can you shift your perspective?