Slow Down & Do Less

Slow It Down.
Do Less.
If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, maybe that’s because you’re pushing yourself too hard. Being in a constant rush lowers your energy levels and deprives you of satisfying results. You’re ticking off boxes on your task list instead of engaging in meaningful activities.

Consider these steps the next time you’re straining to hurry up.

Do Less

1.     What is really important? Devote as much time and energy as possible to the activities that matter to you most. Cut back on making commitments that are irrelevant to your goals. Learn to tactfully say no to distractions. Oh, and ignore all those DM’s from the people who give you breadcrumbs over the full loaf. Lol.

2.     Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a single day. If you’re frequently falling behind schedule, track how much time some of your routine tasks really take.

3.     Be levelheaded, not hardheaded. Know when good enough is acceptable. Maybe you want to aim for an A-plus on your graduate school paper, but you can live with a B minus on matching all the socks in the laundry room.

Be Mindful

1.     Block schedule your day.  Know where your time is going. Act deliberately instead of drifting from one external demand to the next.

2.     Be present. Give your full attention to what you’re currently doing. Silence your phone and resist the urge to check for messages. Notice your surroundings and savor your experiences.

3.     Focus on your purpose. Remember the reasoning behind your choices. Always go back to your “why”.

4.     Sweat it out. Moving your body helps build a strong mind. For me this is yoga. For my sister it is weightlifting. Shit, it could be a steamy lovemaking session—DO YOU!

5.     Chill out. A few minutes of meditation, stretching, or repeating affirmations can help you pace yourself. Get comfortable with taking a break.

Ask for Help

1.     Put your kids and partner to work. Sharing household responsibilities is good for your relationship and your children. Talk with your partner about how you can work as a team to complement each other’s strengths.

2.     Hire out the work. One of the first things I did when I went back to work after being a stay-at home-mom was hire a housekeeper. She comes once a month and she saves me hundreds of HOURS of time that I simply don’t have to clean toilets and mop floors. Worth every penny!

3.     Accept Generosity. Accept offers from those who want to help.  I don’t have much of this but believe me when my ex-husband offers to pick up the kiddo for the weekend-- I say hell YES!

Slow down and get more done.  When you’re feeling under pressure, change your strategy instead of speeding up.

Last but not least, BREATHE.  Your breath can allow you to slow down your thoughts and regulate your nervous system.  It is one of the most powerful ways to gain clarity.

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