Relax and Indulge. You won’t die.

Relax and Indulge. You won’t die. 

Relax and Indulge. You won’t die. 

The kiddo is at the ranch in Oklahoma hunting with his Daddy again. So I decided to indulge and social distance single-mom style in Austin for the weekend. It’s just me, my new book Untamed, my laptop, yoga, coffee, salads and crisp white sheets. There is a jacuzzi too. 

Most days, I am awake before sunrise and go all day long.  By sunset, I am pretty much trying to get my son to his martial arts, basketball practice, and or rushing to figure out what is for dinner. Then, I normally work until midnight on my graduate coursework, my podcast, blog or one of the other projects I am working on.  

Most moms and dads and single folks out there can relate.  We just keep going and going and sometimes forget about ourselves. How many of you are guilty of this? I know I am. Our family vacation was canceled due to the Coronavirus. That first week that the virus started to spread we were supposed to be far away exploring a new place in the Caribbean. I am not complaining. I realize there were much greater concerns happening.  But we were ready to rest. We were ready to have a new adventure.

Resting is like plugging your iPhone in at night. If you don’t recharge it-it’s not going to work. I practice a decent amount of yoga and breathwork for these reasons.  It helps me relax, calms my nervous system down, brings me into the present moment, and balances my anxiety levels.  I do this religiously because if I don’t, I will break. Literally.

The time I take to relax makes me feel special and I know I am f’ing worthy of having time to rest and do whatever I want.

So, this weekend, I will rest. I hope that you do this as well.

Reflection Questions:

1.     Do I make time to relax? If not, why not?

2.     During what times in my day would I be able to capture a few moments for relaxation?

3.     What can I do to make time for myself to rest and recharge my batteries?

4.     How can you and your loved ones benefit from a getaway, visit to the local part for a day exploring nature or just relaxing at home?