Intimacy is not just needed for survival, it's a pathway to flourishing.

Human engagement comes in many forms.  It is needed for survival. We use the term intimacy to denote what human connection is.  Intimacy is a mutual vulnerability, closeness, openness and sharing.  Intimacy is found in all loving relationships such as friendships, parent-child relationships, and of course sexual or romantic ones. 

The more authentically you connect with another human on an intellectual, emotional, experiential, spiritual or sexual level, the more comfortable you become, the safer you feel and the more you trust them.  Your guard can come down allowing for more organic and deeper connections to be made.

When we avoid intimacy or lack intimacy in one area of our life, things can feel out of balance.  Example: You may have great working relationships with your co-workers and colleagues but lack emotional intimacy.  Finding balance and having awareness of your own intimacy needs are key.

There are health benefits to intimacy too!  I read an article recently that said that healthy intimacy can help with your mental health, reduces stress, helps release emotional energy, boosts your immune system, and lowers blood pressure. Today, take your intimacy temperature.  Make a list of your intimate relationships in each category.  See if there is overlap or lack.  I recommend being cautious if one person is filling all your intimacy needs in each category.  Of course, only you can determine where you can develop more intimate relationships. 

As an introvert, it takes me a long time to develop intimacy with people both intellectually, emotionally and or sexually.  To me, intimacy means a few things: trust, acceptance, honesty, safety, compassion, affection, vulnerability, and communication.  

Important Coaching Questions:

What does intimacy mean to you?  

Which areas of your life are you lacking intimacy?  

Are you allowing new opportunities for intimacy or strengthening the steadfast ones?

Intimacy is not just needed for survival, it’s is a pathway to flourishing.

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