Becoming a Therapist

Becoming a Therapist
We are not in the business to change clients, to give them quick advice, or to solve their problems. Instead, counselors facilitate healing through a process of genuine dialogue with their clients. The kind of person a therapist is remains the most critical factor affecting the client and promoting change.......

….If practitioners possess wide knowledge, both theoretical and practical, yet lack human qualities of compassion, caring, good faith, honestly, presence, realness, and sensitivity, they are more like technicians. I believe that those who function exclusively as technicians do not make a significant difference in the lives of their clients. It is essential that counselors explore their own values, attitudes, and beliefs in-depth and work to increase their own awareness. (Corey, 2017)

 I will be sharing some of my learning experience as I navigate on my journey through graduate school to become an LPC. This experience is not just about learning or getting another degree. It is a part of my personal journey. It is who I am meant to be in this season of life…. a helper, a healer, a coach, a facilitator and most of all, my authentic self. 

Most of the quote above also applies to coach practitioners as well. The keyword here is “most”. 


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