Affirmation: I do not react, I respond...I am in control.

Emotions are powerful. They create strong chemical reactions in your brain that send signals to the rest of your entire body.  Emotions can affect your heart rate, breathing, awareness and so much more.  Understanding how the chemistry in your brain influences your decisions and reactions can bring a higher level of awareness to your everyday emotional functioning.  Chemistry aside here is a little affirmation for today about using logic to help manage your emotions.   

When I am triggered by something, I honor my immediate reactions. I feel them fully. I accept them. But before I react or respond, I use discernment on whether my emotions are permitted to guide my attention.

When I feel fear, I examine the cause of that emotion, I understand that there are things in this world that create the emotion of fear in me that may actually be harmless.  I recognized that many of my lived experiences and past traumas may pull me strongly in one direction.  But logic, not emotion, tells me that fear is just a sign that I should pay closer attention to what is happening inside my brain and my body.  I decide logically and intelligently whether a person, action, or situation should be avoided or trusted.

Frustration, discontent, and boredom all deliver a message to me.  These are sometimes signs that I should consider changing my tactics or environment.  Again, I use these emotions as an alarm system to examine the situation furtherI am mindful of my emotions.  Knowingly, I pause to gain my composure before I continue.  

Today, I use my emotions as a tool. I allow my emotions to speak to me, but I use my intellect to make my decisions and to adjust my responses accordingly.  I realize this skill takes time to learn. Most of all, I forgive myself when my emotions take over and rule me.

My emotions are not bad. They are beautiful and powerful tools to help guide my decisions and reactions but I do not allow them total authority to control me.  

Today's Emotional Empowerment Coaching Questions:

1. When have I foolishly allowed my emotions to make my decisions for me? What would have been a better choice in each of those situations?

2. What do I fear that I should be doing? Am I allowing my emotions to control me?

3. Do I make my decisions based on logic or am I allowing my past emotional experiences to decide my future? If not, how would my life change if I did?