A calm soul makes trying times manageable.

A calm soul makes trying times manageable.

Difficulties give you an opportunity to exercise your focus and determination. During trying times concentrate on maintaining a calm soul. This approach will help you vanquish the challenges that you are facing.

Avoid being reactive to difficult situations that catch you off guard. While it can be easy to allow the unknown or confrontation to anger you, choose not to react but instead to reflect. 

When you encounter resistance, ignore the stirrings of impatience and anger that pull at you.
Realize that giving in to negativity only serves to worsen any situation. Focus on overcoming the challenge at hand by counteracting negativity with positivity.

Act from a place of calm reasoning. When your soul is calm you’ll be able to think things through. By rejecting unease at your core, you’ll be able to make better choices.

See the value in all your life experiences. Even obstacles become worthwhile and meaningful when seen in this light.

If you're having trouble staying calm: 

1. What practices can you undertake to help you react less?

2. How often do you encounter situations that are difficult for you to control? Do you notice any triggers or patterns? 

3. Who can you lean on in trying times?